Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Boy 8" x 8" Scrapbook!

This is a photo of Meghan at 6 mos -
I used adobe photoshop to convert it to
black & white and used film grain to
create a 'texture' to the photo!  The
 clock signifies the waiting that every
pregnant woman experiences!
My brother-in-law and his wife, Meghan, are expecting a baby boy in early November!! They've chosen the name Simon and the baby shower was this past weekend. The one requirement was that instead of a card, we write a message to Meghan, Geoff and the baby on a book that they can read together. I decided to make my own book that they can share and created an 8"x8" scrapbook of pre-made pages for them to place their favourite photos in! (and I made a card because I LOVE making cards!!) Here's a picture of it!

Please bear with me because I am not overly confident with posting more than one photo at a time (and there are quite a few because I included one of each page and the card!!), but I feel they're definitely worth a look!  For some reason I loaded them in order, but they got mixed up?!  Enjoy!

I visualized a beautiful black and white photo of our newborn nephew on this page!  I used a silver stamp pad on the edges of the navy star and then elevated each star with foam squares.  The title is a double layer of navy lettering with silver on top!

This is the cover page and on the back of each of these pages, since Meghan isn't a scrapbooker, I put a sticky note with a drawing of the page and where I thought pictures would look nice on each!

I thought a beautiful photo of Simon in the hospital with his Mum and Dad, could go on this page!!                                                                             

I love the primary coloured blocks of paper on this page!

I titled this page "On The Move" so that they could place photos of Simon in his car seat or stroller on this page
I think this is one of my favourite pages of the whole album - the colours just speak to me!  Hopefully this is where a picture of all of us with the new baby will be placed!
I remember feeding time being a messy time as both of my kids 'explored' what was in their bowls or mouths!  I attempted to capture this memory with the splatters!!

Just a fun page where perhaps they could have a photo of Simon when he first arrives home and everything is new to both him and to his parents!

Obviously I made this page with a photo of both India and Devon with Simon, in mind!!  The "o" in Cousins is a blue heart-shaped brad and the squares are just scraps of paper put together in a way that reminded me of a quilt!

A 'manly' page celebrating Father's Day - the blue square brads in the top left corner spell D-A-D.  A metal heart elevated off the page with foam squares and a strip of coordinating ribbon down the left side, completes the page!

Another one of the holidays that Simon will experience in his first year - Valentine's Day!
I created this fun & vibrant page so Meghan can add a photo of Simon at a playgroup or with some of his little friends!  The yellow tag is held in place with a brad that's a blue arrow - all the children's names who are in the photo with Simon can be listed on this tag!
It's always lovely to head outdoors and go for an autumnal hike, pick apples, or choose a pumpkin at a local farm - this page was created with that sort of activity in mind!
I placed this page after the Valentine's Day page with an Easter Bunny theme!  It could also include a small photo of some other springtime activity such as going to a sugar shack for maple syrup, or looking at the spring flowers.
Of course there always needs to be a page for Mother's Day!  As this page is opposite the one for Father's Day, I chose papers that have polka-dots for both! 
Summertime is always a time for playing on the beach - I thought it might be nice to have a page where Geoff and Meghan can put a photo of Simon at the cottage on the dock, in the boat or playing on the beach!
The very last page in the album is one celebrating Simon's first birthday!!
Don't know if Simon will be dressing up for Halloween, but this could also include a picture of visiting a u-pick pumpkin patch or him beside a jack-o-lantern!  The ghost has purple eyes so I found a square of coordinating paper and then elevated it off the page with foam squares so it looks like it's floating!
There's nothing sweeter than a photo of a little baby fast asleep!  I used silver lettering to make the title 'quieter' and the silver star is elevated off the page using foam squares.
Thanksgiving is always a nice time of year when all the family gets together - in 2011 we'll be thankful for this new addition to our family!  The photo square in the middle is held in place by the two photo corners.  I punched out a leaf in the top left corner and added a yellow piece of paper in behind to make it stand out and then some buttons finish it off!
Nothing cuter than a baby new year!  I hope Geoff and Meghan get him a little top hat to complete the look! 
Just a fun playful page to display a photo of Simon with some of his favourite toys!
Simon will only be a month and a half old when St. Nick comes to visit, but I hope they have a photo of him curled up on Santa's lap for this page!!
Bath time was always a fun time in our house and I have many photos of India and Devon sporting shampoo horns and mohawks in the tub!!  Just a page devoted to splishy-splashy fun!

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