Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What We'll Be Drinking This NYE!

In mid-November we hosted a wine tasting in our home for a group of our friends, where we were introduced to this sparkling wine that is made in the traditional method (in other words it isn't just carbonated like many cheaper brands, but rather the carbonation is produced through patience and a time honoured tradition of fermentation), by David Calados of "Global Wine Tour". We were all amazed at this sparkling wine because it ranks with any expensive bottle of champagne, but is only $23/bottle...and best of all it is made in Niagara-On-The-Lake by Chateau des Charmes.

We ordered a case of 6 and intend to toast the arrival of 2010 with a few bottles! If you're interested in trying something new and fairly local, check this one out online. It's a VQA but you wont' find it in the LCBO ~ go to the website http://www.chateaudescharmes.com/... you won't be disappointed!
*BTW, for anyone that doesn't realize, only wines from the region of France, north of Paris may be labelled "Champagne"...since it is a premium brand name that is vigorously defended, all others MUST call themselves sparkling wine!*


  1. I only count 4 bottles, which is barely enough for you, so what will everyone else be drinking?

  2. Ha! We ordered a full case (12 bottles) and then split it with my parents so we had six! I wanted the label to be clear in the photo so I zoomed in...but you're right we are now dangerously close to having to order more!!!