Thursday, April 9, 2009


We recently returned from a family vacation in Montego Bay, Jamaica and I was delighted to sample some of the local fare - jerk chicken & pork, ackee & salt fish, plantains, rice and peas, starfruit and star apples...YUM!

Instead of the usual touristy tours that are offered, we decided to take the "John's Hall Tour" which promises to show you the 'real Jamaica'. It was wonderful! Not only did we get to visit a school, and see a sugarcane plantation, but we also visited a local farm where we had a chance to taste some of the local fruits and dishes. This was my first time tasting ackee (which look like minature foie gras), and the jerk chicken was amazing! The fruits were all freshly picked and we had a chance to taste an immature cocoa pod seed (it was sour like a citrus fruit when sucked - apparently if you bite it your teeth will go purple...note to self!!!) The other first for us was to drink coconut water and taste fresh coconut jelly from an immature coconut (although refreshing, it was a little bitter for my taste and with the jelly, it reminded me of drinking bubble tea!)

Of course I would be amiss if I didn't talk about the coffee that we drank all week! Jamaican coffee is fantastic and comes from the Blue Mountain region. It was dark and rich and the Jamaicans often choose to sweeten it with 'sweet milk' or Eagle Brand condensed milk to you and I (definitely NOT a lo-cal drink, but oh-so yummy!)

Thanks to the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables which were not only available everywhere on our resort, but also often blended into smoothies at breakfast I managed to sample most of the wonderful cuisine and only gain 2lbs for the week!!!

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  1. Thanks Tamara. It's nice to read about your trip. The beans & rice look good-so do the chick peas. Susan