Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Curried Crab with Coconut and Chili

So good that Emeli wore it!
The boys digging in like savages!
 Greg and I were watching the "Food Network" and Chef Curtis Stone came on to discuss the best dish he has ever made.  It looked so yummy and easy that we decided to give it a go!  We even went so far as to cover our table with a big sheet of plywood and put kraft paper on top of that for the shells!  Then we invited our friends Mike and Emeli over and feasted!!!!  It is delicious and I think this sauce would be excellent with fish, shellfish, chicken, veggies or even beef!!!!  DO NOT skimp on toasting and grinding the whole spices ~ the flavour that is produced is what makes this dish!!!!

2 1/4 lbs live crab (we used blue crab)
1/4 cup whole coriander seeds
1 1/2 tbsp cumin seeds
1 tbsp whole black peppercorns
Sea salt, to taste
2/3 cup white wine vinegar
1/4 cup desiccated unsweetened coconut flakes
1 tbsp finely grated fresh ginger
5 garlic cloves
1 white onion, chopped
1 large green chile, chopped roughly
1 tbsp coconut oil (or olive)
1 medium ripe tomato, diced
10 fresh curry leaves (didn't have this so I used 2 tbsp hot curry powder)
2 tsp turmeric
1 tbsp chili powder
1 can of unsweetened coconut milk
  • Place the crab in the freezer for 2 hours, or until it stops moving (this is really a humane way of killing them because they just go to sleep ~ especially if you are squeamish about killing them!  Otherwise buy frozen!!)  Remove the legs and crack them with a rolling pin.  Remove the top fo the shell and clean out the insides with your fingers.  Chop the crab and top shells in half.
  • Heat a medium skillet over medium heat.  Add the coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and peppercorns.  Stir constantly until they become fragrant and toasted, approx 3 to 4 minutes.  Cool completely.
  • To make the paste, grind the toasted seeds with a pinch of salt using a mortar and pestle or a spice grinder.  Transfer this dry mixture to a food processor and add the vinegar, coconut flakes, ginger, garlic, chile and onions.  Blend to form a paste.  
  • Heat the oil in a large Dutch oven over low heat.  Add the paste and saute until fragrant and some of the juices evaporate, approx. 5 to 10 minutes.  Add the tomato, curry leaves, turmeric, chili powder, and a pinch of salt and cook until the tomato are tender and melting into the sauce, approx 5 mins.  Add the crab and 1/2 cup water, increase the heat to medium and bring to a boil.  Reduce the heat to low and simmer until the crab pieces are cooked through, approx 10 mins.  Mix in the coconut milk and simmer for 2 to 3 mins to allow flavours to blend.  DO NOT boil the coconut milk as it will split.
  • Place the crab either directly on your kraft paper or on a big platter and dig in!!!


  1. Now, that's what I call a curry! Please do drop me a line on ca4ole@gmail.com if it's ok with you for me to link this up to my blog. Cheers

    1. Carole ~
      I would be honoured if you linked this up with your blog! It is a delicious and simple dish!!!