Thursday, March 17, 2011

What A Great Guy!!!

I just had to blog about this fantastic meal that my husband Greg made for us while the kids were sleeping over at my in-laws!! 
I was out all day long running around with the kids and didn't manage to get home until 7pm on Monday night ~ and this is what greeted me...

In our last CSA box from Cooper's we received organic lettuce greens and a cucumber.  Lisa had brought over a bag of alfalfa sprouts that they're now growing for the CSA and we had an organic tomato in the fridge.  Greg made this lovely salad with an Asian-inspired dressing and then whipped up some sweet potato and russet potato oven fries, seasoned with Montreal steak spice.  He paired this with a lovely Cooper's steak and made a creamy mustard and peppercorn sauce....and then topped it off by opening a fabulous bottle of 2005 Bourgogne Pinot Noir!!!!! 

Then he took me out to "Moxie's" for dessert and mango martinis!  A perfect night with my guy!

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