Monday, May 3, 2010

My Other Passion - Scrapbooking!!!

As I said in my bio, my other passion is scrapbooking. I love reliving all of our family memories and arranging them in albums in a creative way with my thoughts and memories journalled for future generations to look at. Unfortunately I haven't been indulging this passion very much at all, lately. :-(

Recently we remodelled our sitting room and my wonderful husband created this area for me to scrapbook. It's flooded with tons of natural light during the day and he installed lighting for when I scrap at night. With my new space organized and so inviting, I wanted to work on some project that has been put aside. However, with May comes birthday parties and so I decided to christen my work space by creating invitations for both India and Devon's birthday parties!!!

This past weekend I went on an all day crop celebrating National Scrapbooking Day - it definitely got my creative juices flowing again and now I have the perfect place to work!

Thanks Greg!! xo

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